Scroll paintings from the Lingnan Foundation

生平 Biography

馮湘碧 (1896-1974),名丙太,1896年生於廣東鶴山。馮氏幼年隨程景宣 (1864-1934) 學山水畫,並遠追宋、元各家。他曾在廣州市立美術學校及多間省市中學任職國畫和國文教師,後來他受聘為廣州市文史館館員,並為中國美術家協會分會會員。馮氏於1957年後專注寫生,遠涉各名山大川,創作了不少山水作品。


Feng Xiangbi (1896-1974), originally named Bingtai, was born in 1896 in Heshan, Guangdong province. Feng learnt landscape painting from Cheng Jingxuan (1864-1934) and emulated Song and Yuan masters at a young age. He taught Chinese painting and Chinese language at Guangzhou Municipal School of Fine Arts and many other provincial and municipal secondary schools. He later worked at the Guangzhou Research Institute of Culture and History, and was a member of the Chinese Artists Association regional branch. Feng focused on sketching from nature after 1957. He traveled to many famous scenic spots and painted many landscape works.

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