S102 黃般若摹黃子久山水(元)

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S102 黃般若摹黃子久山水(元)


Huang Bore

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Object/Work Type

Hanging scroll painting


Huang Bore Imitated Huang Zijiu's Landscape (Yuan)
黃般若摹黃子久山水 (元)

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Made by Huang Bore (Chinese, 1901-1968) = 黃般若 (Chinese, 1901-1968)

Display Measurements

104 x 55.5 cm

Display Materials/Techniques

Ink on paper


Republican period, Guangdong province

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Title slip
題簽: 黃般若摹黃子久山水 元
Translation: Huang Bore Emulating Huang Zijiu's Landscape (Yuan)

Inscription (top left)
題跋: 黃子久仙館僦金圖藏同里莫氏集蘭為吾粵宋元劇蹟之一丙戍春日借□款紅樓中摹臨一過恨未能得其萬一耳 般若
Translation: Huang Zijiu's painting of Xianguan jiujin is collected in Tongli (Jiangsu province)/ Moshi collects orchids as one of our juji of Yue, Song, Yuan/ [I] imitates it at Kuanhonglou in spring day of Bingshu (1946) ....but hate failed to obtaining his ten thousandth Banruo

Inscription (bottom left)
裝裱題字: 元黃公望常熟人字久號大痴道人善山水自成一家為元代四大家之一
Translation: Yuan Huang Gongwang, person of Changshu, name Jiu, sobriquet as Dachi Taoist, skilling in landscape, developed his own personal style and became one of the great four schools of Yuan dynasty

Artist's seal (top left)
波若 (白文方印)
Translation: Banruo (intaglio)

Seal (top left)
款紅樓 (朱文方印)
Translation: Kuanhonglou (relief)

Seal (bottom left)
□□后 (白文方印)
Translation: .....(intaglio)

Indexing Subject

Landscape, mountains, trees


Painting, Chinese

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