S107 黃般若摹華新羅花鳥(清)

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S107 黃般若摹華新羅花鳥(清)


Huang Bore

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Object/Work Type

Hanging scroll painting


Huang Bore Emulating Hua Xinluo's Flower-and-Bird (Qing)
黃般若摹華新羅花鳥 (清)

Display Creator

Made by Huang Bore (Chinese, 1901-1968) = 黃般若 (Chinese, 1901-1968)

Display Measurements

102.5 x 31.7 cm

Display Materials/Techniques

Ink and colour on paper


Republican period, Guangdong province


Title slip
題簽: 黃般若摹華新羅花鳥 清
Translation: Huang Bore Emulating Hua Xinluo's Flower-and-Bird Qing

Inscription (bottom left)
題款: 丙戍之春擬華秋岳筆意於友石齋燈下 黃般若
Translation: [I] emulated Hua Qiuyue's brush-idea under the lamp at Shiyouzhai in spring of bingshu Huang Bore

Inscription (middle left)
裝裱題字: 清華喦閩懸人字秋岳號新羅山人善山水人物花卉鳥獸蟲魚能自闢蹊逕
Translation: Qing-dynasty Hua Yan, native of Minxuan, zi Qiuyue, sobriquet Xinluo shanren, skilled in landscapes, figures, flowers, plants, birds, animals, insects and fishes. He was able to open up a new path for himself.

Artist's seal (bottom left)
般若利市 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Bore lishi (relief)

Seal (bottom left)
心太平 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Xintaiping (relief)

Indexing Subject

Bird, insect, bamboo, tree


Painting, Chinese

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