S027 李鳳廷摹宋徽宗明皇訓子圖(宋)

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S027 李鳳廷摹宋徽宗明皇訓子圖(宋)


Li Fenggong

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Object/Work Type

Hanging scroll painting


Li Fengting Emulating Song Huizhong's Painting of Minghuang Training His Son (Song)
李鳳廷摹宋徽宗明皇訓子圖 (宋)

Display Creator

Made by Li Fengting (Chinese, 1883-1967) = 李鳳廷 (Chinese, 1883-1967)

Display Measurements

79.3 x 42.8 cm

Display Materials/Techniques

Ink and colour on paper


Republican period, Guangdong province

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Title slip
題簽: 李鳳廷摹宋徽宗明皇訓子圖 宋
Translation: Li Fenggong Emulating Song Huizhong's Painting of Minghuang Training His Son (Song)

Inscription (top right)
題款: 明皇訓子圖 丙戍春李鳳廷摹宣和殿本
Translation: Painting of Minghuang Training His Son. Li Fenggong emulated the Xuanhe Hall version in spring of the year bingshu (1946).

Inscription on mounting:
裝裱題字: 宋徽宗姓趙名佶國號崇寗大觀政和重和宣和等善畫山水花鳥以漆點鳥睛是其創格
Translation: Song-dynasty Huizhong, surname Zhao, name Jieguo, sobriquet Chongning Daguan, Zhenghe, Chonghe, Xuanhe, etc, was skilled in landscapes and flowers-and-birds. Dotting the eyes of the birds with lacquer was his invention.

Seal of date (top right)
丙戍 (朱文方印)
Translation: Bingshu (relief)

Artist's seal (top right)
東官李大 (朱文方印)
Translation: Dongguan Lida (relief)
拜公 (白文方印)
Translation: Baigong (intaglio)

Seal (bottom left)
龍瞑家法 (朱文方印)
Translation: Longming jiafa

Indexing Subject

Emperor, son, court


Painting, Chinese

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