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生平 Biography

羅艮齋 (1890-1954),原名卓,字艮齋,號華之,1890年生於廣東新會。羅氏少時跟隨馮潤芝 (1851-1937) 學國畫。他擅長人物、鳥獸等題材,尤其以佛像最為優秀,亦旁及雕塑、攝影。由於他多才多藝,因此他與李鳳廷齊名,被稱為「藝苑通才」。他的繪畫有宋院體的影子,亦具明代諸家的畫風。

羅氏曾於「廣東省第一回美術展覽會」展出六祖慧能巨像。1923年羅氏與黃般若 (1901-1968)、姚粟若 (約1878-1939) 等人成立「癸亥合作畫社」,並成為第一任會長。他於中年時期曾到馬來西亞經營錫礦。回到廣州後,他專注繪畫創作,並任教於廣州市立美術專科學校。他晚年移居澳門,以繪畫為生。

〈羅艮齋 (1890-1954) 藝苑通才 名聲淡隱〉,《廣州畫卷》,第61期,2010年。〈論廣東國畫研究會之成因〉,廣州藝術博物院,


Luo Genzhai (1890-1954), originally named Zhuo, sobriquet Huazhi, was born in 1890 in Xinhui, Guangdong province. Luo learnt Chinese painting from Feng Runzhi (1851-1937) at a young age. He was skilled at painting figures, birds and animals. His Buddhist images were especially excellent. He also had some knowledge in sculpture and photography. Because of his versatility, he was compared with Li Fengting and was acclaimed as an “all-rounder of the art world”. Luo’s paintings drew from the Song Academic painting tradition and various masters of the Ming dynasty.

Luo sculpted a large statue of Hui Neng, the Sixth Patriarch of Chan Buddhism, for the first Guangdong Provincial Art Exhibition. In 1923, Luo founded the Guihai Art Cooperative with Huang Bore (1901-1968), Yao Suruo (c. 1878-1939) and others, and was its first president. In his middle age, Luo started a tin mining business in Malaysia. After returning to Guangzhou, he focused on painting and taught at the Guangzhou Municipal School of Fine Arts. He later moved to Macau and earned a living as a painter.

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