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生平 Biography

司徒奇 (1904-1997),字蒼城,1904年生於廣東開平。他成長於文化世家,父親司徒枚 (19世紀) 是清代官員及知名詩人,少年時曾習畫,以「開平才子」見稱。司徒奇自幼愛好繪畫,曾臨摹父親所藏的書畫。1924年他考入廣州市立美術學校習西洋畫科,1926年畢業後赴滬江中華藝術大學深造。司徒奇初時專注於西洋畫創作和研究,後來加入春睡畫院跟隨高劍父 (1879-1951)學習國畫。他擅畫花卉,用筆沈穩,色彩濃厚。


〈司徒奇 (1904-1997) 高境界的折衷也是一種再造〉,《廣州畫卷》,第45期, 2010年。


Situ Qi (1904-1997), zi Cangcheng, was born in 1904 in Kaiping, Guangdong province. He was from a literary family. His father Situ Mei (19th century) was a Qing official and famed poet who once learnt painting in his youth. He was acclaimed as the “Gifted Scholar of Kaiping”. Situ Qi was interested in painting at a young age and emulated the calligraphy and painting in his father’s collection. In 1924, he entered the Guangzhou Municipal School of Fine Arts to learn Western painting. He continued to study at the Hujiang Chinese Art University after his graduation in 1926. At first Situ Qi concentrated on the study of Western painting, but later he became a student of Gao Jianfu (1879-1951) at the Spring Slumber Art Studio and studied Chinese painting. He was skilled in painting flowers and plants, and liked to use heavy brushstrokes and rich colors.

Situ Qi taught at various schools in Guangzhou, and founded the Liefeng School of Fine Arts and the Venice Fine Arts Research Society in order to cultivate art talents. He also worked for the Guangdong Provincial Party Headquarters and the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau as a publicist. Situ Qi participated in the first National Art Exhibition held by the Ministry of Education. His oil painting The Artist’s Wife (Yiren zhiqi) was awarded first prize and was featured on the front page of the exhibition catalogue. His painting was also displayed at the second National Art Exhibition, the West Lake Exposition, and the first Guangzhou Muncipal Art Exhibition.

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