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生平 Biography

姚禮修 (約1878-1939),字叔約、粟若,號百佛庵主,1878年生於廣東番禺。姚氏的祖先數代都擅於繪畫,因此他自幼承繼家學,尤工山水、花鳥等題材。他的畫風師法古人,山水學「元四家」及「四王」;花卉則學惲壽平 (1633-1690) 及陳淳 (1484-1544)。他亦工詩書,精通篆刻,並喜愛收藏漢魏六朝碑刻、佛像。

姚氏年青時游學日本東京,畢業於法政大學,回國後任北京大學國畫研究會會員。他曾先後出任廣東省高等法院書記長及廣東法學院院長,並任教於法政專門學校。1921年姚氏獲邀為廣東第一次美術展覽會審查員,後來與潘至中 (19世紀末至20世紀)、李鳳廷 (1883-1967) 等廣東畫家,成立「國畫研究會」。抗戰時期他與家人移居澳門。著有《畫學抉微》等書。



Yao Lixiu (c. 1878-1939), zi Shuyue and Suruo, sobriquet Baifo anzhu, was born in 1878 in Panyu, Guangdong province. Several generations of Yao’s family were skilled in painting, so he inherited the family tradition at a young age and became especially proficient in painting landscapes, flowers and birds. His painting style is based upon past masters: he studied the landscapes of the “Four masters of the Yuan dynasty” and the “Four Wangs” as well as the flowers and plants of Yun Shouping (1633-1690) and Chen Chun (1484-1544). He also engaged in poetry, calligraphy and seal-carving, and collected stone steles and Buddhist statues from the Han, Wei and Six Dynasties.

As a youth, Yao studied in Toyko, Japan, and graduated from Hosei University. After retuning home, he became a member of National Painting Research Association of Peking University. He also worked as Chief Secretary at the Guangdong Provincial High Court, Dean at the Guangdong University of Law and taught at the Law and Politics College. In 1921, Yao was invited to be a juror for the first Guangdong Art Exhibition. He later established the National Painting Research Association with several other Guangdong painters, including Pan Zhizhong (late 19th to 20th century) and Li Fengting (1883-1967). During the Second Sino-Japanese War, he moved to Macau with his family. He was the author of Huaxue juewei (Discover the Subtleties of Painting Knowledge).

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