Scroll paintings from the Lingnan Foundation

生平 Biography

葉永青,名勤庭,活躍於20世紀,廣東番禺人。他擅於繪畫山水、花鳥,是高劍父 (1879-1951) 的早期學生。1933年春天,葉氏與高劍父、黎雄才 (1910-2001) 等人同遊清遠藏露古洞,並合作繪畫。葉氏曾任廣州市美術學校教師,1940年代末執教於南中美院。



Ye Yongqing, originally named Qinting, was a native of Panyu, Guangdong province, and active during the 20th century. Skilled in painting landscape, flowers and birds, he was an early student of Gao Jianfu (1879-1951). In spring of 1933, Ye traveled to an ancient cave in Qingyuan with his teacher and Li Xiongcai (1910-2001), where the three of them collaborated on painting. Ye taught at the Guangzhou Municipal School of Fine Arts and later at the Nanzhong Academy of Fine Arts in the late 1940s.

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