Scroll paintings from the Lingnan Foundation

生平 Biography

張祥凝 (1909-1960), 號作斋居士,1909年生於廣東番禺。他擅長繪畫山水,作品師法黃公望 (1269-1354)、王蒙 (1308-1385) 等元人筆意。他亦喜愛篆刻,並學習趙之謙 (1829-1884)、黃士陵 (1849-1908) 等人的風格,同時上追秦漢。張氏曾加入廣州「國畫研究會」,又與李耀辰 (1898-1961)、鄧芬 (1894-1964) 等組織「天池畫社」。抗戰期間,他與家人遷居香港,以書畫篆刻謀生。



Zhang Xiangning (1909-1960), sobriquent Zuozhai jushi, was born in 1909 in Panyu, Guangdong province. He excelled in painting landscape, basing his brush-ideas from Huang Gongwang (1269-1354) and Wang Meng (1308-1385) of the Yuan dynasty. He was also interested in seal-carving. His style was derived from Zhao Zhiqian (1829-1884) and Huang Shiling (1849-1908), and from the masters of the Qin-Han dynasties. Zhang joined the National Painting Research Association in Guangzhou and founded the Tianchi Society with Li Yaochen (1898-1961) and Deng Fen (1894-1964). During the Second Sino-Japanese War, he moved to Hong Kong with his family and made a living with his calligraphy, painting and seal-carving.

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