S088 趙浩公摹沈周慈鳥圖(明)

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S088 趙浩公摹沈周慈鳥圖(明)

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Object/Work Type

Hanging scroll painting


Zhao Haogong Imitated Shen Zhou's Crow Painting (Ming)
趙浩公摹沈周慈烏圖 (明)

Display Creator

Made by Zhao Haogong (Chinese, 1881-1947) = 趙浩公 (Chinese, 1881-1947)

Display Measurements

96 x 37 cm

Display Materials/Techniques

Ink on paper


Republican period, Guangdong province

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Title slip
題簽: 趙浩公摹沈周慈烏圖 明
Translation: Zhao Haogong Imitated Shen Zhou's Crow Painting (Ming)

Inscription (top left)
題跋: 慈烏為孝鳥啞啞夜鳴時若欲結巢住借他高樹枝倣沈石田並錄其詩乙酉歲□台山趙浩
Translation: Crow is a filial bird, "ya ya" it cries at night. If it wants to build a nest to live, it borrows the tall tree branches. Emulating Shen Shitian and recording his poetry in the year of yiyou... Taishan Zhao Hao.

Inscription on mounting:
裝裱題字: 明沈周長洲人字唘南號白石翁善畫山水花鳥為明代四大家之一
Translation: Ming-dynasty Shen Zhou, a native of Changzhou, zi Qinan, sobriquet Baishi weng, was skilled in landscapes, flowers and birds. He was one of the four masters of Ming dynasty.

Artist's seal (middle left)
浩公 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Haogong (relief)
炎宋王孫 (白文方印)
Transliteration: Yansong wangsun (intaglio)

Seal (bottom right)
趙倚廔 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Zhaoyilou (relief)

Indexing Subject

Bird, tree, rock


Painting, Chinese

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