S092 趙浩公摹閻立本帝皇像(唐)

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S092 趙浩公摹閻立本帝皇像(唐)

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Object/Work Type

Hanging scroll painting


Zhao Haogong Emulating Yan Liben's Emperor Image (Tang)
趙浩公摹閻立本帝皇像 (唐)

Display Creator

Made by Zhao Haogong (Chinese, 1881-1947) = 趙浩公 (Chinese, 1881-1947)

Display Measurements

98.5 x 34.7 cm

Display Materials/Techniques

Ink and colour on paper


Republican period, Guangdong province


Title slip
題簽: 趙浩公摹閻立本帝皇像 唐
Translation: Zhao Haogong Emulating Yan Liben's Emperor Image (Tang)

Inscription (top left)
題跋: 擬閻立本歷代帝王像意台山趙浩
translation: Emulating the idea of Yan Liben's Images of Emperors of Successive Dynasties. Taishan Zhao Hao.

Inscription on mounting:
裝裱題字: 唐閻立本雍州萬年人善圖繪古今故實有歷代帝王像及凌煙閣功臣像傳世
Translation: Tang-dynasty Yan Liben, a native of Wannian in Yongzhou, was skilled in painting the reality of past and present. His surviving works include Images of Emperors of Successive Dynasties and Meritorious Officials of Lingyan Hall.

Artist's seal (top left)
趙浩 (白文方印)
Transliteration: Zhao Hao (intaglio)
□□ (朱文方印)

Seal (bottom right)
風馬牛 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Feng ma niu (relief)

Indexing Subject

Emperor, figures


Painting, Chinese

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