S093 趙浩公朱竹

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S093 趙浩公朱竹

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Object/Work Type

Hanging scroll painting


Zhao Haogong's Red Bamboo

Display Creator

Made by Zhao Haogong (Chinese, 1881-1947) = 趙浩公 (Chinese, 1881-1947)

Display Measurements

81 x 28 cm

Display Materials/Techniques

Ink and colour on paper


Republican period, Guangdong province


Title slip
題簽: 趙浩公朱竹
Translation: Zhao Haogong's Red Bamboo

Inscription (top right)
題跋: 淇園丹鳳飛來幾時留得參差翼簫聲吹斷彩雲忽墮碧雲猶隔想是湘靈淚彈多處血痕都積看疏瘦蕭影隔簾欲動應似落花狼藉 莫道清高也俗再相逢子猷還惜此君未老歲寒猶有少年顔色誰把珊瑚和煙換去琅玕千尺細問來不是天工卻是那春風筆 右高季迪詞調寄水龍吟 台山趙浩
Translation:......Taishan Zhao Hao

Inscription (top left)
題跋: 朱竹始於元代柯丹丘宗仲昷夏仲超皆稱神品至清孫雪居金冬心李芸甫都有佳作偶得餘紙戲為仿之效顰之消所不免耳
Translation: Red bamoo originated from the Yuan dynasty. The works of Ke Danqiu, Zhong Zhongwen and Xia Zhongchao were all considered at the "spiritual" level. In the Qing, Sun Xueju, Jin Dongxin and Li Yunfu all had fine works. By chance I received some paper and emulated them for fun, the loss in copying is inevitable.

Artist's seal (top right)
肖浩 (白文方印)
Transliteration: Xiao Hao (intaglio)
浩公 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Haogong (relief)

Artist's seal (middle left)
浩 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Hao (relief)

Seal (bottom right)
風馬牛 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Feng ma niu (relief)

Indexing Subject

Red bamboo, rocks


Painting, Chinese

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