S123 趙浩公摹錢選茄

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S123 趙浩公摹錢選茄


Zhao Haogong

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Object/Work Type

Hanging scroll painting


Zhao Haogong Emulating Qian Xuan's Eggplant (Yuan)
趙浩公摹錢選茄 (元)

Display Creator

Made by Zhao Haogong (Chinese, 1881-1947) = 趙浩公 (Chinese, 1881-1947)

Display Measurements

67.7 x 33.4 cm

Display Materials/Techniques

Ink and colour on paper


Republican period

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Title slip
題簽: 趙浩公摹錢選茄 元
Translation: Zhao Haogong Emulating Qian Xuan's Eggplant Yuan

Inscription (top right)
題跋: 憶昔毗山學寫生瓜茄任□筆縱橫自憐老去翻成拙學圃今猶學不成 錢舜舉紫茄圖戲仿其法並錄其詩 丙戍首春之望台山幫浩
Translation: Remember the day learning sketching in Pishan/ Melon and Eggplant......by free brushstrokes/ It is pitiful to get old and become clumsy instead/ Unable to learn to sketch the fruits and melons nowadays/ Qian Shunju's painting of purple eggplant/ [I] imitate his method and record his poetry/ Start of spring of Bingshu (1946) Taishan faction Hao

Inscription (middle left)
裝裱題字: 元錢選吳興人字玉潭號舜舉善山水人物畫花卉得趙昌寫生法開常州派之先河
Translation: Yuan-dynasty Qian Xuan, native of Wuxing, zi Yutan, sobriquet Shunju, skilled in landscapes, figures, flowers and plants. He inherited Zhao Chang's sketching skills and opened the precedent of the Changzhou School.

Artist's seal (middle right)
趙□ (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Zhao...(relief)
肖王孫 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Xiaowangsun (relief)

Seal (bottom left)
風馬牛 (朱文方印)
Transliteration: Feng Ma Niu (relief)

Indexing Subject

Eggplant, rock


Painting, Chinese

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